In keeping with our central mission and one of our core tenets “Recognizing that care delayed is care denied”, we will continue to work with and admit those seeking our care. For more information on how we have planned and operationalized our approach to Covid19 please see stories on our blog or email [email protected].

Pioneers in Hope.

We believe in providing exceptional, holistic care to children and their families. Toward that goal, we mindfully consider every part of a child's life - from health and education to safety and their place in the community - and craft programs and services designed to create positive outcomes and hope for all.

About New Hope Treatment Centers

Founded in 1987 by Dr. George Orvin, New Hope Treatment Centers offers a full continuum of Behavioral Healthcare and has earned national recognition for quality and innovation. Our dedicated team of professionals partner with youth, their families, and sponsoring agencies to provide premier care, treatment, and services. Our wellness approach to care emphasizes each consumer's strengths and embraces the family's involvement. We help children find their voices, reconnect with family, discover creative outlets, manage their challenges, and live in the world with new hope. It's our name - and our promise, for a better life.

"Roots and Wings"

The poem below by author Denis Waitley strongly relates to what we believe in - the need for adolescents to be grounded and safe, have independance and guidance, and learning from trial and error.

If I had two wishes, I know what they would be
I'd wish for Roots to cling to, and Wings to set me free;
Roots of inner values, like rings within a tree;
and Wings of independence to seek my destiny.
Roots to hold forever to keep me safe and strong,
To let me know you love me, when I've done something wrong;
To show me by example, and help me learn to choose,
To take those actions every day to win instead of lose.
Just be there when I need you, to tell me it's all right,
To face my fear of falling when I test my wings in flight;
Don't make my life too easy, it's better if I try,
And fail and get back up myself, so I can learn to fly.
If I had two wishes, and two were all I had,
And they could just be granted, by my Mom and Dad;
I wouldn't ask for money or any store-bought things.
The greatest gifts I'd ask for are simply Roots and Wings.

Our Leadership

George H. Orvin, M.D.

Founder, New Hope Treatment Centers

August 6, 1922 - August 29, 2014

In the early 1960s, Dr. George Orvin pioneered a world-renowned adolescent treatment program integrating individual, group, family, and multifamily therapies. The founder and Chairman of New Hope Treatment Centers, Dr. Orvin was also a Professor of Psychiatry at The Medical University of South Carolina until 1989 and thereafter designated as Professor Emeritus. A diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, a fellow of the American Society of Adolescent Psychiatry, a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, a fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and a fellow of the Southern Psychiatric Association, he also has more than 180 international publications and presentations to his credit.

Founder and President of the Carolinas Society of Adolescent Psychiatry, he also served as Vice Chairman of the South Carolina Commission for Alcohol & Drug Abuse (1973 - 1988) and Senior Editor of the Annals of Adolescent Psychiatry (1975 - 1997).

A Citadel graduate, Dr. Orvin received his Doctor of Medicine and psychiatric training at The Medical University of South Carolina and the Maudsley Hospital at The University of London in England.

Jay S. Orvin

Chairman, New Hope Treatment Centers

Jay Orvin's career path has led him from leadership positions in real estate brokerage, real estate development, and manufacturing products to nursing homes and behavioral health. In 1987, Jay joined his father, Dr. George H. Orvin, to create New Hope Treatment Centers, the first-of-its-kind residential psychiatric treatment center with a family-centric focus.

Under Mr. Orvin's leadership, New Hope Treatment Centers grew from a single facility in Charleston, SC, to a nationally recognized network of inpatient and community-based behavioral healthcare providers.

Eric Baumgartner

CEO / President, New Hope Treatment Centers

Mr. Baumgartner serves New Hope Treatment Centers in a variety of roles including Vice President of Performance, Chief Operating Officer, and, currently, CEO/President. He is a graduate of The Citadel and has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Western Carolina University.

Mr. Baumgartner has over 20 years of clinical and leadership experience, previously serving as the COO and Clinical Director for a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility in Alabama, as well as serving a clinical role in both residential and community-based services earlier in his career. He has facilitated partnerships with the Medical University of South Carolina and numerous community-based providers in the southeast. He has served on mental health advisory boards in both South and North Carolina, and presented at state and national conferences on mental health best practice.

Mike O'Connor

VP of the National Referral System, New Hope Treatment Centers

Mike has been employed at New Hope since 2010 and has lead the National Referral System since 2012. Mike received his Bachelors of Psychology from Westfield State College in Massachusetts.

Prior to joining the New Hope team, he enjoyed a 14 year career in the non-profit sector working for Eckerd Youth Alternatives in their Wilderness Educational Program, serving in roles of direct care and ultimately Director of a 200 acre facility in Vance County NC. Mike has served on numerous professional boards, community provider groups, Managed Care Collaboratives and advocacy groups. Currently he is a member of the North Carolina TIDE Committee (Training, Instruction, Development and Education), and serves on the Board of North Carolina Community Alternatives for Youth.

Mike enjoys being a father, husband and playing golf.

Matt Simon, MA, LMFT

Executive Director, New Hope Carolinas, Inc.

Matt Simon is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has resided in South Carolina for the last 15 years. Matt has a long career of being an effective and impactful leader in the mental health space for youth and families. He loves what he does and sees it as a true honor to lead in this space.

Prior to joining New Hope in March of 2022, Matt was the Chief Program Officer at Thompson Child and Family Focus. As CPO, Matt oversaw the provision of more than a dozen programs targeting youth and families. Matt was integral in bringing Multi-Systemic Therapy to the Midlands and Upstate regions of South Carolina through a partnership with SC-DJJ. In North Carolina, Matt helped lead efforts to launch, grow and scale Outpatient and School-Based Therapy, Intensive In-Home Therapy, Family Centered Treatment and High-Fidelity Wraparound. Matt has previously served as VP of Clinical Services and Clinical Director at both for-profit and non-profit organizations in the behavioral health arena. Regardless of where he works, Matt tries to bring a trauma-informed approach to the work and a focus on leadership development and positive, vibrant staff culture.

Matt has spent significant time leading at high acuity residential programs and this experience has shown him first-hand how critical a robust continuum of community-based programs to pro-actively avoid institutional settings is, which is why he has dedicated his career to expanding access to these services for vulnerable populations. However, the need for high quality residential services has never been more needed than it is now. Matt is honored to help drive quality operations at New Hope Carolinas.

Matt is originally from Michigan and lives in Indian Land, SC. He has two beautiful daughters, Riley (7) and Skyler (5).