In keeping with our central mission and one of our core tenets “Recognizing that care delayed is care denied”, we will continue to work with and admit those seeking our care. For more information on how we have planned and operationalized our approach to Covid19 please see stories on our blog or email [email protected].

New Hope Blog

Here We Go… Come along!

New Hope has put a tremendous amount of work into our new website, as did Blue Ion (thanks for harnessing our vision!), and we are proud to share it with you.

With the revelation of this new website comes another new venture for New Hope, as we enter the world of blogging. We hope that through this medium of information exchange, the New Hope Community will be able to offer our readers valuable news, resources, insights, and (hopefully) a few laughs.

Whether you are a former consumer, parent, employee or professional, please feel free to provide your feedback on our latest endeavor. We need your support and opinions to help us shape this process, so let us know how we’re doing!