In keeping with our central mission and one of our core tenets “Recognizing that care delayed is care denied”, we will continue to work with and admit those seeking our care. For more information on how we have planned and operationalized our approach to Covid19 please see stories on our blog or email [email protected].

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Sweet Treats from a Sweet Neighboring Business

On June 8th, the kids at New Hope received a generous donation from a locally owned bakery named Candy’s Sweets N Treats…CUPCAKES for all of our 130 plus residents!!!  A delicious surprise for our youth and a wonderful gesture from a caring local business owner.  Thank you Ms. Candy!

Because of Ms. Candy’s generous donation, June 8th was a special day at New Hope and what’s even more special is the reason why Ms. Candy was compelled to do so .  The cupcakes were donated in memory of her late father, Mr. Walter Aaron Sr., a man who dedicated his life to working with youth with special needs in an alternative school setting.  We never met Mr. Walter, but we now remember him fondly through our newly established relationship with his wonderful daughter.

The donated cupcakes were great but the reason behind them was the proverbial “icing on the cake”.  Thank you Ms. Candy!