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Experiential Activities Leading to Success

May 27, 2021 Uncategorized

The youth at New Hope Carolina’s are wrapping up their annual Girls on Track and Building on Youth Success running programs.  Both programs are facilitated by the Recreation Therapy Department and have been a mainstay of our PRTF for many years.

The core tenets of both programs aim to instill a sense of accomplishment, success through hard-work, perseverance and endurance.   The 12 week program uses an experiential approach to learning with lessons in body awareness, anger management, exercise, physical fitness, decision making, goal setting and planning.  All lessons include running exercises to help build stamina.  The end results of both programs are kids learning essential life skills while building endurance.  The program ends with kids running/walking a 5K and participating in a virtual banquet that recognizes all of their hard work and achievements.

Here are some of this years highlights:

  • 44 out of 45 participants completed the program successfully!
  • All participants set and met goals around maintaining target GPA’s!
  • All participants met their behavior goals!
  • Increased Unit participation and cohesion.
  • Virtual Awards Banquet with recognition for all who participated.

Huge thanks go to our Recreation Therapy Department for their planning and leadership!

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