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Since 1987, we have been committed to the behavioral and emotional health and wellness of children, adolescents, and families facing psychological and psychiatric challenges. Our evidence-based, family-centered practices empower children and families, create positive outcomes, and generate optimism.

What Makes New Hope Different.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Our clinical staff uses a variety of best practice and evidence-based theories as core components to treatment including Trauma-Focused CBT, Good Lives, and Motivational Interviewing. Treatment is individualized and supplemented by other evidence-based treatment approaches such as Self-Regulation and Dialectical Behavior Therapy with our specialized populations.

Trauma-Informed Care

Our team uses trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy to help children process traumatic experiences, supplemented by experiential and expressive therapy techniques at the discretion of our treatment specialists. Psychiatric intervention, including medication, is another effective treatment strategy that is available to target symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and anxiety-based disorders often associated with childhood trauma. Staff understands the needs and responses of traumatized children and ensures compassionate care and intervention strategies.

Family-centric Approach to Wellness

We ensure that members of a child's family work toward common emotional, cultural, and spiritual goals. We encourage families to get to know our culture as we get to know theirs, provide insights that help our team understand their issues and goals, and play an active role in their children's treatment and recovery.

Simplified Referral Process

Referring a child to a New Hope program/facility is quick and easy. Dedicated professionals are available to support you throughout the process. Make a referral now.

Discharge Planning & Transitional Care

New Hope develops comprehensive discharge and transition planning services for individuals to facilitate successful return to their communities. This service ensures that each young person will be connected with the unique array of ongoing supports and services that he or she needs to foster successful reintegration and long term positive outcomes. This discharge planning service is a critical part of New Hope's commitment to successful futures for its children and the people and communities that support them.


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