In keeping with our central mission and one of our core tenets “Recognizing that care delayed is care denied”, we will continue to work with and admit those seeking our care. For more information on how we have planned and operationalized our approach to Covid19 please see stories on our blog or email [email protected].

New Hope Blog

Spring Has Sprung, New Season, New Goal (Literally)

Our treatment approach is a multi-disciplinary one and is based on a youth and family centered approach.  A resident’s treatment GOALS are reviewed informally throughout the course of a day and formally every 28 days with the treatment team.   GOAL setting is an important part of our treatment milieu for both kids and staff.  Identifying GOALS and achieving them is not an easy task for anyone, and our kiddos are no excepti0n, it takes planning, it takes proper SUPPORT, it takes team work, it takes focus, it take discipline, it takes resiliency.  We are proud of the work we do and our proud of the countless GOALS that are achieved every day at New Hope.  Our new basketball GOAL is a great metaphor for our treatment goal process.  The same formula for treatment GOAL setting was used: Planning, Support, Teamwork = GOAL achieved.