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What is
your why?

Our call to action.

In our country, suicide is the second-leading cause of death among 15 to 24-year-olds. Mental health issues among teenagers are at an all-time high. Our child welfare and juvenile justice systems are understaffed and overcrowded. Put simply? Today’s young people are in desperate need of hope.

At New Hope, we don’t get discouraged by these facts. Instead, we get motivated. We focus on solutions. We get to work.

The recipe for change

Often, kids come to us angry at the world. They’ve been hurt. They feel lost. They struggle to trust or even see beyond the next few days. But if we lived through what many of them have, we’d likely be the same way. We see negative behavior as an overflow of pain.

That’s why at New Hope, we believe in seeing every kid through a trauma-first lens. We don’t ask what’s “wrong” with our youth; we ask what happened to them. We believe true change starts with genuine, caring relationships with trusted adults. This is where rebuilding begins.

In our own words:
Stories of Hope from former residents
This wasn’t easy. But I’m glad I came here.
I learned that it’s not my fault I went to New Hope. It was a result of my trauma. Once I worked on that, my life started to change.
The staff here actually care. No place is perfect but I feel like I got my second chance now.
I didn’t want to accept that I needed to change. I blamed everyone for my actions. I finally got tired of being in trouble all the time and I listened. Graduating from New Hope was one my best days!
I finally feel like me and my family are on the same page again. It’s been a long time.
I’ve had like 15 therapists. None of them worked until I came to New Hope. Thank you!