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New Hope Hero – Ms. Sheryl Johnson

March 8, 2024 New Hope Heroes

Rock Hill, S.C., March 8, 2024 – At New Hope Treatment Centers, we take pride in celebrating the hard work of the more than 500 staff members, specifically those that have dedicated more than a decade of their life to serving youth.

Ms. Sheryl Johnson just amassed 11 years with New Hope on March 4. She serves as a case manager at the facility in Rock Hill. Sheryl truly embodies warmth, empathy, and commitment. When parents share their concerns about their child, Sheryl gives them her undivided attention and does so with an open heart.

Her empathy bridges gaps and offers solace to residents and families. Sheryl understands the New Hope mission and has worked tirelessly providing case management services to kids and families. She consistently delivers high-quality work, meeting needs and often exceeding expectations. Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence are commendable and inspiring.

Sheryl’s superpowers are her sweetness and vibrant personality. Her smile is infectious and spreads happiness to others. Whether it’s early on a Monday morning or a Friday afternoon after a long week, her demeanor and vibrance remains unwavering. Sheryl’s presence brightens the day of everyone around her and energizes team meetings.

We are truly grateful to have Sheryl Johnson, our latest New Hope hero, as part of the our New Hope team.