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New Hope Hero – Ms. Blair Dixon

February 13, 2023 New Hope Heroes

For several months we’ve been introducing staff members from New Hope who are going above and beyond their job descriptions to help the youth who are placed at our treatment program.

Here’s a special thank you to our February New Hope Hero, Blair Dixon.

Blair joined the New Hope team in 2016 as a Residential Counselor.  She later transitioned to the role of Case Manager.  Some of her skills include being a self-starter, a team player and acting as a guide and teacher to others.  She’s gained a well-respected appreciation for her heart for advocacy, and regularly brings new ideas to the team.  She’s well connected and respected by the many stakeholders and representatives who come from a number of states placing their youth in our facility.

Blair is always willing to offer support and step up when needed, and is always working towards the best interest of our kids.  Her passion is displayed in each interaction she has with her coworkers and residents.  She is known for providing exceptional case management services to our residents and their families.

One of her super powers is making New Hope an enjoyable place to be during Halloween.  She loves to do face painting and assist kids with their costumes for our annual trick or treating event.  Sometimes even the simplest gestures help our residents feel self-worth and value.

You are appreciated Blair Dixon!

Thank you for everything you’re doing for the kids and families that we serve.