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New Hope Hero – Mr. Curtis Barnes

April 28, 2022 New Hope Heroes
Two words: Curtis Barnes
Thriving and leading in a congregate care setting requires a unique skill not always easy to find. You need have tireless energy, endless compassion, eternal optimism and unlimited patience for the work being done. At New Hope Treatment Centers Inc, we are proud to recognize Mr. Curtis Barnes as one of our heroes who ensures kids needs are being met and they are thriving therapeutically. Curtis has been with New Hope for over 20 years, leading and setting the tone for our kids and staff to be their best every day. If conflicts arise, Curtis is a master de-escalator who has the exceptional ability to connect with all kids, routinely helping to resolve conflicts when they’re small, allowing for true problem-solving and growth.
Thank you, Curtis, for all you do for the kids and staff New Hope Treatment Centers Inc.