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New Hope Hero – Nurse Christyna Clements

May 13, 2022 New Hope Heroes

Super Hero might be an understatement for Ms. Christyna Clements.  Nurse Christyna, as she is affectionally known at New Hope, has many Super Powers and her ability to build relationships with our youth is at the top of the list.  Relationships with the youth we serve is vitally important to building trust, opening doors that allow our kids to accept the help and care that they need.  Second on her Super Power list is her leadership skills.  She exhibits strong leadership skills within our nursing team and sets a healthy tone for how we deliver care to our kids.   She always gets the job done while communicating thoroughly with all stakeholders.

Here’s to Nurse Chrystina and the Super Powers she brings to the kids and staff of New Hope.  Thank you Nurse Chrystina for all you do!