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New Hope Hero – Mike O’Connor

January 12, 2024 New Hope Heroes

Rock Hill, S.C., January 12, 2024 – New Hope’s latest hero just celebrated his 14th-year work anniversary and has been making positive, lasting impacts on everyone he has met ever since.

Mike O’Connor became the Director of Business Development 14 years ago and has amassed more than 25 years working with kids and families. Mike has been a road warrior, attending countless meetings, conferences, seminars, and lunches all throughout North Carolina and even surrounding states. Although Mike has primarily worked remote long before it became the norm for many in 2020, he is often the first voice that parents and guardians hear when they call New Hope inquiring about the services that are provided.

“I met Mike almost 12 years ago and from that day to this day, he has remained one of my favorite people in and out of this space,” said COO Matt Simon, MA, LMFT. “New Hope is so blessed to have Mike and I am personally and professionally blessed to work with Mike. He keeps me laughing, he keeps me grounded by busting my chops, he provides free therapy when I need it, but most importantly he keeps all of us focused on our what our why is and what really matters, which is the kids and families we serve.”

Mike approaches every new task with an abundance of enthusiasm and is the definition of a team player. He’s always in search of the outcome that benefits the youth that we serve. Although he’s not in Rock Hill at the facility every day, he’s in constant contact with those who are and is always willing to jump in when needed. Additionally, he is extremely knowledgeable about the mental health system and can offer resources to families in need or walk them through the processes involved with accessing the help they need. He is a champion of others, cheering on those at the facility as well as those on his team. He takes the time getting to know everyone that works at New Hope, building those connections, not just on a working level but a personal one as well. He can relate with just about anyone and adapt, is extremely approachable and passionate about the work he does.

Mike’s superpowers are endless. He is an expert communicator and relationship builder. He has mastered being a team player and working through tough issues to come to a resolution that best serves our youth. He usually wears multiple hats but is willing to juggle one task to help his coworkers. Mike starts almost every conversation with a joke or a fun story. He is dependable, making others feel at ease during what can be a very difficult time for the families and youth we serve. He is resourceful as well and never gets off the phone with families until he offers them a lifeline or provides them with the necessary information to get the help they need.

When asked about what makes working at New Hope so special, here’s what Mike had to say. “Honestly, it’s a variety of things. It’s knowing that the work we do matters and is bigger than me or any one individual. It’s knowing that, at the end of the day, a kid, parent, or family is getting better because of the work we do. It’s working with people who think similarly and care as much, or more, than me. It’s a pride thing too, because I love seeing the look on the faces of people I meet when I tell them what I do for a living. Lastly, our founder, Dr. Orvin, really nailed it with our name. There’s something about working for a company called New Hope with a tag line of – Our Name Our Promise. I love it.”