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New Hope Hero – Michael Hall

December 15, 2023 New Hope Heroes

Rock Hill, S.C., December 15, 2023 – New Hope’s latest hero exemplifies excellence and has been an irreplaceable contributor to the Bridge Program.

Michael Hall is truly a model for what a transition specialist looks like in the Bridge Program at New Hope. Michael goes above and beyond the line of duty for the families served in the program and for his team. He is willing to learn and is knowledgeable about his current roles and responsibilities.

As the Bridge Program continues to grow, Michael has played an integral role in helping to provide feedback for program operations and making the processes seamless. Michael is a team player and makes himself accessible to support his team. He attends meetings in others’ absence, allowing new hire staff to shadow his transition specialist roles, while working together with the team to staff cases and offer suggestions.

Michael truly embodies what a New Hope hero is all about. His superpowers include being extremely knowledgeable, dependable, and making sure those he works with know he has their backs. He also has shown to be quite comical when in group meetings, providing a breath of fresh air for his team. Michael is flexible with his time and handles change with ease.

When asked what his favorite part of the job was, here’s what Michael had to say. “I enjoy being a transition specialist because I get to journey in the family’s development and be part of the re-unification”.