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New Hope Hero – Phil Southern

October 25, 2023 New Hope Heroes

Rock Hill, S.C., October 25, 2023 – Two decades of dedication, compassion, knowledge and grace sums up our latest New Hope hero.

Phil Southern has been with New Hope for more than 20 years. He has been the backbone of the Turning Point program since its inception. Phil is the epitome of a team player and is always willing to help those he works with, having everyone’s back. Phil is extremely knowledgeable and intelligent. He is always willing to guide and educate those around him, whether it be coworkers, guardians or kids.

Mr. Southern has been completing the New Hope psychological testing single-handedly, up until very recently. Phil was the sole psychometrist at New Hope up until a few years ago, when our Turning Point admissions more than doubled. He handled the challenge masterfully, gracefully, and without complaint.

As is the case with many heroes, Phil has several superpowers. He’s extremely knowledgeable, dependable and makes sure those he works with knows he has their backs. He is also witty and maintains a great sense of humor to put a smile on people’s faces. Phil handled the rapid increase in Turning Point admissions without issue and continues to manage the influx with a smile on his own face.

His impact is felt by many who share similar sentiments which can be summed up as such.

“Working with Phil over the past six years has helped me become more confident and assertive. It has helped me become another staple within the Turning Point program. He believes in those around him and wants everyone to succeed. Phil is truly dedicated to the work that we do and has been doing over the past two decades. Phil is a true New Hope hero and should be recognized as such.”

We heard that loud and clear and are more than happy to recognize our latest New Hope hero, Mr. Phil Southern.