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New Hope Hero – Mr. Marquis Hart

January 10, 2023 New Hope Heroes

Let’s give a shout out to our newest New Hope Hero Mr. Marquis Hart!

Mr. Hart is the team leader for our Waypoint 2 community, which consists of our older normal cognitive functioning males.

Mr. Hart loves reaching out to everyone with energy and enthusiasm, he genuinely tries to make a difference in each life he comes across.  He enjoys helping others overcome their obstacles, and working hard to make a positive impact on every person he interacts with, both staff and youth.  He believes that we all need to stay humble and be yourself, because you never know who you might need in your life.  The team member who nominated Mr. Hart states that he’s “a humble young man that goes above and beyond to help anyone who might be in need”.

His motto is “Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day!” His relentless optimistic spirit is only rivaled by his encouraging words “Improving as an individual each day is the ultimate goal, we all go through things and there is nothing like helping others overcome their obstacles”.

Every person who enters our building is another opportunity to spread positivity and hope to our youth.  Our kids are struggling to find hope and compassion in a world full of challenges.  We appreciate those efforts.   Stay tuned for our spotlight on the next New Hope Hero!