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New Hope Hero – Ms. Sylvia Russell-Moore

January 26, 2023 New Hope Heroes

Congratulations to our newest New Hope Hero Ms. Sylvia Russell-Moore!

Many of the youth who are admitted to New Hope have a history of not having adults who speak up for them.  Many have also experienced a history of not having caretakers who may have not had the ability to protect them in vulnerable situations.

Ms. Moore-Russell is known amongst her peers for speaking up for those who can’t; and helping those who struggle to find the words to support the good of the group.  The staff member wo nominated Ms. Moore-Russell states “When I switched communities (living units within the facility) she was right there with words of encouragement for me.  She made sure I had the knowledge to transition to a different population of residents.  Anytime I needed something, she had no issue providing the help needed.”

She’s known for being humble and honest.  She wants the team to lean on each other in times of need, or simply when staff can help bring peace to the residents.  Communication is one of her greatest strengths.  She wants everyone to know where they stand so that there are no grey areas.  This way, everyone is on the same page and there are no issues.  Her ability to communicate honestly to both colleagues and youth is steadfast and always presented in growth oriented manner.

In her own words, Ms. Moore-Russell states that “I don’t really think about the ‘why’.  It’s always been imbedded in me to advocate for those who don’t have a voice and/or are invisible in the communities in which they live.  The ‘why’ would be that I am the person for others that I did not have as a child when I was growing up.  A child needs someone who can honor their struggles and someone who is a listener and protector of their traumas.  Everyone wants validation for who they are and what they have been through.  I enjoy my job.  If you are able to plant a seed, water it, and watch it grow, you may start to see the efforts that are beginning the transformation process that you and your team have started.  Every life is precious and deserves to be whole, healed and productive.  You don’t need to know the ‘why’ you everything you do.  You just need to roll up your sleeves and be ready to do the work!”

Again, we thank Ms. Moore-Russell for the positivity she brings to work every day.”

Many of our residents are missing that one person who showed compassion and acceptance in their younger years.  The staff members who show up with helping hands and hearts every day are a blessing in disguise for our residents.

Thank you, New Hope Heroes!   We appreciate everything you do!