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New Hope Changes NRS Department

April 10, 2024 New Hope Happenings

Rock Hill, S.C., April 10, 2024 – The National Referral System (NRS) Department has officially changed its name to the Connections and Communication Department.

The change comes with the revamped culture that New Hope Treatment Centers has undergone over the last couple of years. In the past few months alone, New Hope has expanded services into Dallas, NC with West Virginia soon to follow.

That expansion brings more consistent and simple communication from both an external and internal standpoint. The Connections and Communication title brings families and our services together. It’s where our commitment to kids and families hope for a better tomorrow truly meet.

The department will remain intact and consist of the following team:

Mike O’Connor – Director of Business Development

Lorraine Bethea – Admissions Coordinator

Jennifer Mantei – Director of Referrals and Admissions

Barbara Broaddus – Community Liason

Patrick Puzzo – Communications Coordinator

Marina Roberts – Clinical Review Specialist

For those that need to get in contact with the new department, the phone number will remain the same, however, the email is changing and simplifying. Those that need to make a referral can continue to do so on our website as well.

[email protected]