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Appreciation for Teachers and Nurses

May 4, 2020 Uncategorized

Nurses and Teachers are the backbone of any high quality PRTF and New Hope could not be more proud, or more appreciative of the nursing and education teams way have.  We celebrate our nurses and teachers for all they do to ensure our kids are healthy both physically and mentally.  Our facility has been accredited by the Joint Commission for over 20 years, and AdvancED accredited for over 15 years.  Having accreditation from these two “gold standard” organizations is directly attributable to the work by our nurses and teachers.

Our teachers inspire learning with students who often have been told they aren’t “smart enough”, “they can’t”, or the student has simply given-up on education.  Our nurses work with residents who often have complicating physical health conditions that require a skilled practitioners attention daily.  “Typical” days at New Hope result in extraordinary stories of success, and over the past month of “atypical” days we have seen successes continue without pause. Due to Covid-19, we became a fully remote learning environment and our teachers delivered curriculum virtually. Nursing began conducting daily temperature and symptom checks with all of our residents, helping to ensure all youth were healthy during this pandemic.

Working in a PRTF is challenging by its nature, working in a PRTF during a pandemic is considerably more challenging and thanks to our nurses and teachers we have thrived during this time.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to the NURSES and TEACHERS of New Hope for the inspiring work they do each and every day!