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Covid 19 – Update from our executive director

September 25, 2020 Uncategorized

Dear Parent/Legal Guardian/ Treatment Ally:

We hope this letter finds you and your family well. In consultation with our Medical Services Team, I would like to again update you on the current status of Covid-19 at New Hope Carolinas.

I am very pleased to report that, we continue to not have any residents who are positive for or suspected of having Covid-19.  The last known case in our resident population was recorded on July 13, now over eleven weeks ago.  We also continue to note a very low number of employee reports of being ill or being directly exposed to someone with Covid-19 symptoms. As of today, we are only tracking one employee who has called out of work with Covid-19 symptoms or due to direct exposure to someone with the virus.

We now have solid evidence that the mitigation strategies we are using are effective. Yes, like you, we are all tired. Tired of wearing masks and social distancing, tired of all the extra work that comes with remote work or learning. Tired that we cannot spend time in groups or enjoy many of the things we used to, but we are committed to staying the course.  All of us at New Hope recognize that we have a long road ahead of us before we see any sense of “normalcy” as it relates to Covid-19. We recognize that flu season is upon us and we are well aware of the increased risk it brings.  We are continuing the entry screening and other robust processes in place designed to track and monitor the wellness of our employees.  We are continuing to monitor all residents daily for symptoms. We are also continuing to quarantine and monitor symptoms of any new admissions or current residents who are away from our building for any reason, as a precaution, and if we see any hint of an influx on any unit, we will quarantine the entire population and stop all admissions to that program.

We are continuing to test any youth in our care for Covid-19 if they display symptoms or if they leave our facility for any reason.  Remember, if any youth tests positive for Covid-19, we will notify the parent/Legally Responsible Person (LRP) and encourage his/her parent/LRP to take the youth to their permanent residence for fourteen (14) day quarantine. When that is not feasible, we will quarantine the youth here.

Our plans for outdoor visitation and fully returning all employees to the workplace remain on hold, pending better data. Your continued cooperation and adherence to our “no visitors inside our building” policy is appreciated and please remember we only endorse off campus events if they are medically essential. Video conferencing is always available, through your therapist.  I appreciate your continued cooperation with these restrictions.

Thank you for allowing us to care for your child.


Sam E. Phifer, LCSW

Sam E. Phifer,   Executive Director