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Covid19 Update

April 7, 2020 Uncategorized

Unprecedented times, unprecedented measures and unprecedented efforts by our staff is the update from New Hope. As we continue to move forward through this difficult time it is clear that our mission continues to drive us in all that we do.

Our cross functional leadership meets daily to discuss our current status as a treatment provider as it relates to Covid19.

After securing necessary approvals from our licensing agencies we began offering free daycare services to our employees who needed assistance during this time.

Our treatment center remains fully staffed, a testament to our dedicated direct care team members and their supervisors who provide guidance, support and safety for our youth.

We continue to seek guidance from local, state and national professionals, strictly adhering to best practice approaches put forth by the CDC.

In the line of work we have chosen every day brings a new set of challenges, in recent times these new challenges have brought our team together to ensure our kids, our staff, our stakeholders get the best of what New Hope has to offer during these unprecedented times.

New Hope…Our Name Our Promise