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Covid19 Update – Caring, Creativity and Hope

April 14, 2020 Team

Our update is one of Caring and Creativity


Our team has been busy ensuring our residents and staff are healthy and well taken care of.  Initiatives that have been implemented like our, Perfect Attendance Bonus, have been put into place to formally recognize our dedicated staff.  We are pleased to share that our staff have proven their dedication by ensuring we have been properly staffed throughout this pandemic, we are very proud of this and more proud of our workforce. Our team works in a challenging environment, made significantly more challenging by our current crisis, a tip of the cap and job well done to our CARING staff.


On Easter Sunday our Recreation Therapy Department organized and led a “Virtual Easter Egg Hunt”.  Images of Easter eggs were printed and posted along several of our administrative hallways and common areas.  Our residents were then scheduled at various times, and at a proper social distance, to search for the eggs.  The amount of eggs found were tracked by program and the winning program received additional Easter candy and a future pizza party!

Be Caring, Be Creative in all that you do.  During challenging times we see the best come out in people and for this we are thankful and proud.