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Covid19 Update – Optimism

June 17, 2020 Uncategorized

As a provider of PRTF services, it is crucial that we provide a therapeutic environment of care for our residents and staff.  The youth we work with typically have long histories of negative influences and exposure to toxic stress.  Therefore, our goal is to focus on strengths and provide a safe environment for residents to experience success and growth.  Navigating our way through the Corona Virus Pandemic, although challenging, has provided us with countless opportunities to build on strengths, focus on the positive, provide safety and celebrate the success and growth our kids and staff have achieved….and we have.

  • Year to Date – 86 youth have successfully discharged.
  • Year to Date – 82% successful discharge rate.
  • Year to Date – 115 total admissions for youth needing our care.
  • Hundreds of family therapy sessions performed remotely.
  • Thousands of hours of individual therapy performed remotely.
  • Continued Youth Advisory Board meetings at a social distance, ensuring our youth leaders voice remains strong.

Great job to kids and staff of New Hope….Our Name, Our Promise.