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COVID19 UPDATE – Thank you direct care staff!

April 28, 2020 Uncategorized

As we continue to examine our operations and settle into our new “normal”, ensuring our environment of care is educational, fun and therapeutic our direct care staff become our focus.  In our first Covid19 blog, a reference to one of our core tenets is made, “Care Delayed is Care Denied” and we are proud to report that we have not wavered in our ability to work with referral sources, continuing to admit youth to our program.  We can do this because of our incredible DIRECT CARE STAFF #heroes.

Licensed as a 150 bed facility we have a large number of Direct Care Staff who are performing beyond expectations and are worthy of recognition.  Here are just a few of their many noteworthy accomplishments:

  • We have been fully staffed for every shift throughout this pandemic. #heroes
  • We have been able to grow our census for youth in need during this pandemic. #heroes
  • We have had zero cases of Covid19 within our resident population. #heroes
  • Our 3x a day shift change is complete with proper screening for the nearly 100 staff entering the building. #heroes
  • We have established an onsite daycare, run by our education department, for our direct care staff who need assistance with childcare. #heroes
  • We continue to seek to treat those who others have denied. #heroes
  • We continue to recruit and interview and hire new staff. #heroes

Direct Care = Essential = Heroes