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Creative Expressions

January 13, 2023 Uncategorized

Learning to express ones feeling, ones emotions, ones trauma occur in many ways.  Many of the kids we work with have histories of expressing themselves in a way that is unproductive and often times is hurtful to themselves and others.  At New Hope, we try to find creative ways for kids to express themselves, quite often it’s through art, poetry, journaling, recreation therapy, animal assisted activities etc.  The important thing is that kids learn how to express themselves in a healthy and meaningful manner, when this occurs consistently we know that our job is almost done.

Look at the wonderful wall mural one of our young-lady’s from our Transformations Community is creating in our admissions office.  She and we hope this will serve as inspiration for youth and families coming to us.  For now, it’s a “work in progress” just like her and just like all of us.