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Fit and Active at New Hope

August 4, 2021 Uncategorized

Learning to be fit and active is an important part of everyone’s life.  Lots of the youth who come to New Hope benefit from learning new activities to reduce stress and gain new skills.  Our Therapeutic Recreation Department is instrumental in teaching and leading these activities.

Each January the team meets to design a plan for the year that includes some facility wide activities such as our Easter egg hunt, a fall banquet, and a running program   Their latest activity included a corn hole tournament.  Separately, each of our 8 units competed against each other, and the winners from each unit came together to compete for a facility-wide winner.  This year one of the young men from our Waypoint Unit (males with normal cognitive functioning) was our grand prize winner.  Congratulations to him!  To make it more rewarding, the winner got to pick his prize, and chose a nice headset for music, gummy bears and chocolate.  Just like you and I, we’re more likely to appreciate our reward when it’s something we really want, versus something that’s just in the prize box.

The kids at New Hope are rewarded daily by our Recreational Therapy Department and their dedication to keeping our kids busy and on the move.  We thank them for coming up with innovative and fun ways to keep our kids engaged and active.

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