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Meet Our NP Jarrod at New Hope…you really should.

May 12, 2020 Uncategorized

New Hope was founded by a pioneer in the world of child and adolescent mental health treatment Dr. George Orvin.  Dr. Orvin’s goal of “providing exceptional, holistic care to children” can be seen through many different lenses on any given day at New Hope, during the recent Covid-19 pandemic our vision is carried out exceptionally well by Nurse Practitioner Jarrod Severeide.

Jarrod’s work ethic, compassion and rapport with our residents is on display daily at New Hope and during recent times he has “set the tone and direction” for our entire organization.  Here are some things we are proud to share about Mr. Jarrod.

  • Began with career at New Hope 2 1/2 years ago, coming to us with broad range of experiences everything from medical hospitals as a Critical Care Nurse to a management position over several Charlotte area hospitals.
  • Great team member who enjoys working with the staff and specifically our Executive Director Sam Phifer.
  • Oversees our onsite clinic for both staff and youth.
  • Provides coverage for the psychiatric services, both on site and on-call.
  • Provides supervision of several Nurse Practitioner interns every year, sharing his wisdom and skills.
  • During Covid-19 has been focused on designing and driving our mitigation strategies, working countless hours with cross functional teams to take care of the kids and staff.

What His Colleagues See and Say 

  • “He’s a workhorse, seeing 20 or more residents per day, screen testing for Covid-19, often dawning full PPE for 8 hours straight, while also leading the triage and treating all minor illness and injury in our resident population.”
  • “Jarrod provides a daily assessment of every sick child in our care. He not only provides excellent medical care, but does so with a compassionate and genuine style that the residents trust and respect. He has instant rapport with everyone he encounters, and despite the stress never lets it show to those he is caring for.”
  • “Gifted Nurse Practitioner, exceptional diagnostic skills and impeccable rapport with our youth.”
  • “Jarrod is selfless when it to comes to the care of the residents and staff at New Hope, he has been a calming presences in the building at all times, but he has stepped that up during the COVID-19 crisis. Many of the jobs we perform are thankless however Jarrod deserves all the praise we have to give him.”
  • “Jarrod is truly a gem!”
  • “He has been instrumental in developing/implementing strategies to ensure the safety of residents and staff.”
  • “He tirelessly maintains top notch medical care for the residents while adhering to pandemic regulations.”
  • “He is an active team member working closely with psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, program staff and all with the most pleasant, upbeat demeanor.”
  • “He has guided our ship flawlessly and we are very fortunate to have him leading our efforts.”

What Jarrod Says

  • “I feel like I’m an NP 24 hours a day 7 days a week . At home I have to do things different: I prepare food differently, I eat differently, I feel like I’ve lost a bit of my father role.  But, I am proud of how we planned and reacted to this and very proud of the changes we’ve made.  I have learned that friends are valuable and missed, laughter cures everything, life is precious.”

Thank you Mr. Jarrod for all you’ve done, all you do and how you do it!