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Heroes Work Here

June 2, 2020 Uncategorized

Part of our vision states: “we seek to serve those others have denied” and unfortunately our kids have been denied by many, but not by us…not by our heroes.

Working in a congregate care setting on the best of days has it’s challenges, working in a congregate care setting during Covid19 adds another layer of challenges that no one could of predicted.  As an organization,  we are learning as we go and we have learned a great deal.  We have seen the best in people during this time, we have seen  heroes emerge from every department at every level.

  • We have seen staff volunteer for “Special Care Duty” working with youth in quarantine.
  • We have seen our Education Department establish an onsite daycare for our employees to utilize during “shelter in place” conditions.
  • We have seen non-direct care staff sign-up to work the on the programs in case they are needed.
  • We have seen our Admissions Coordinator conduct admissions on the front porch in all kinds of weather.
  • We have seen nurses doing their jobs adorned in full PPE for 8 hour shifts.
  • We have seen collaboration within departments to ensure services are delivered safely to our kids and staff.
  • We have seen our residents adjust daily routines for the better of unit, program and entire center.
  • We have seen our HR staff provide support and guidance 24 x 7.
  • We have seen the our Executive Director work tirelessly to ensure the staff is well informed and have the tools they need to be successful.

Simply put…we have seen HEROES at work.

“New Hope…Our Name…Our Promise”