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Joint Commission Accredited for 20+ years and counting!

October 10, 2019 Uncategorized

This week New Hope Carolinas, our Rock Hill located PRTF, went thru it’s Triennial Joint Commission Review and the results are outstanding. This email from Executive Director, Sam Phifer, to all staff perfectly sums it up.

Our results are in and I’am very proud to say we were very successful !
The surveyor expressed genuine appreciation for the work we do and the expertise with which we perform. She complimented multiple facets of our care and treatment, and in fact elected to end the process a day early , based on her overall assessment and confidence in New Hope.
2019 marks the 21st year New Hope Carolinas has been awarded accreditation by The Joint Commission. This accreditation status is the highest available for behavioral healthcare settings like New Hope, and our un-interrupted status for 20+ years is a testament to the professionalism and dedication of everyone at New Hope, at every level. No one or two people are responsible for our success. It requires everyone working well together, consistently to get where we are.
So I want everyone to take a minute and pat yourselves on the back, or congratulate the person next to you- for a job well done!

On a very personal note, I continue to be amazed and sincerely appreciative for the hard work you all do, day in and day out – taking such good care of our residents.Congratulations!!

Great job to Sam Phifer and his team of dedicated professionals for the work they do every day.  This accreditation is well deserved and validates your efforts.

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