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Kiara Grace Nalle; A Story of Success, Resilience and Hope

June 7, 2023 Uncategorized

Rock Hill, S.C., June 7, 2023 – On Monday, June 5, New Hope Treatment Center welcomed a familiar face back to the facility for an eventful and powerful day.

Former resident Kiara Grace Nalle completed her treatment at New Hope 14 years ago. After returning to New Hope last summer, Kiara was honored and humbled to come back a second time, although Monday began a little differently. Both Kiara and New Hope COO Matt Simon started Monday on WCNC for an interview on Charlotte Today. They touched on the importance of the services that New Hope provides as well as Kiara’s story of hope and resilience. The complete interview is available on WCNC’s website.

Immediately following the interview at the station, Kiara headed down to Rock Hill, S.C. to speak with various staff members and current residents at New Hope. She answered questions and was part of an impactful conversation with the staff that lasted more than an hour. Afterwards, Kiara met with the Trans I and Trans II female residents for what turned into another influential conversation that lasted more than an hour. Kiara wasn’t done there, as she concluded her return speaking with the Transformation population, the youngest female group at New Hope.

“It’s such an honor to come back and give back to a place that meant so much to

me,” said Kiara. “It would have been so impactful for me as a teenager living in residential centers to have seen and heard from someone on the other side, so I’m happy to be that person for so many who were in my shoes.”

Kiara’s journey and path began when she was younger. Dealing with thoughts of suicide, mental abuse, depression, she was admitted to eight different mental hospitals and three different residential facilities before coming to New Hope as her last hope. Kiara knew she had to make a change and began her treatment at New Hope with three goals which she set out to accomplish. Upon completion of the program, she returned to high school and finished top of her class. Kiara currently works in the Career Services department as an Event & Marketing Specialist and is earning her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology with a focus in Adolescent Psychology.

“It’s hard to put into words how powerful it is for our kids and our staff to hear Kiara’s story,” said Simon. “I am so grateful to her for having the courage to share it openly. At New Hope, a lot of what we do is plant seeds. But we aren’t always around to see them grow. We don’t always get to witness the impact we make. Kiara reminds our team members that their work really matters and has lifelong aff

ects. She also shows our kids that there really is hope for them and that their current struggles don’t have to define their future.”

Kiara’s journey is truly a message that the work we do at New Hope matters and has lasting affects. Though her full story is far from written, she’s further proof that we are a positive chapter in people’s lives and we can’t wait to share more successes like Kiara.