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Learning Enriched Autism Program (LEAP) – Outcomes

March 23, 2022 Uncategorized

As a leader in residential services the thing that is most disheartening for us is when we see youth have to re-admit to a residential program due to not receiving the supports they needed in the community. That shouldn’t happen. It is a fail on so many levels, and many parts of our system have to own it.

That’s why the #outcomes from the LEAP Program (Learning Enriched Autism Program) at New Hope Treatment Centers Inc are so powerful to me.

One #data point we track is how many psych #hospitalizations our youth experienced prior to coming to NH and compare that against how many they experienced over the year after they discharged.

For the youth we are tracking, collectively they had experienced SIXTY TWO psychiatric hospitalizations the year prior to coming to New Hope. That same group collectively only experienced FIVE total hospitalizations during their first year after stepping down from our program. That’s a significant and meaningful reduction (92%)!  A fairly honest estimate into dollars saved for our system of care, is roughly 650k in hospitalization reductions in just one year. But most importantly, it represents lives #changed and #hope being restored.