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Mental Health Awareness Month – Our Outcomes & Successes

May 19, 2023 Uncategorized

Rock Hill, S.C., May 19, 2023 – Mental Health Awareness Month shines a light on a multitude of issues and individuals suffering every day. What doesn’t get enough attention is the successes of those who overcome whatever issues they may have.

The stories of those who can move on from a treatment facility type environment and continuously make progress, leaving their issues behind, are truly what makes what we do at our New Hope Treatment Center worth it. We’re proud of our outcomes and our success stories. In fact, of the 81 discharges that we have had in 2023 alone (Jan. 1 – May), 70 have been successful. That’s nearly a 90% success rate.

A discharge is deemed successful when a certain criterion is met, which is agreed to by all parties in the Child and Family Team Meeting. Whether or not disposition recommendations such as placement and services were in place, the discharge criteria set could be a multitude of things like past trauma and the trauma narrative. An unsuccessful discharge is when the criteria is not met, and the youth is removed from care.

Since 2014, New Hope has formally collected post-discharge outcomes data on our residents. The most accurate data set over that time is the period of one-year post-discharge. Our outcomes have consistently outpaced others in our sphere of healthcare services. From 2014-21, statistics on those who participated in the collection of data indicate that 92% of former residents are in a home setting, 91% are attending school or have graduated and 86% report absence of severe behavioral problems.

Perhaps the most notable statistic and the one we’re most proud of is that 83% of former residents report no acute psychiatric hospitalizations or readmissions to settings like our Rock Hill facility. Considering a youth typically must have had a psychiatric hospitalization within 12 months of admission to our setting to meet the medical necessity criteria, that percentage is a testament to the incredible work that we do.