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New Hope Happenings

April 5, 2023 Uncategorized

Here is what is happening at New Hope…

We are currently COVID-19 free in the building. We are continuing to monitor potential changes in mask policy and other shifts in our nation’s response to this virus. We will inform all of you of any potential changes in this area. We are blessed by an incredible medical team at the facility that has successfully navigated three years of this pandemic and managed to keep us all safe.

We are excited to announce several new investments into our physical environment we are making this quarter. This includes replacing several Dayroom and Bedroom furniture sets throughout the building, replacing several desks in our education area, 14 new educational Smart Boards, new signage throughout the building and more. We recognize that our environment is an extension of our kids’ treatment experience and we are proud to continue to reinvest in the environment at New Hope Carolinas.

We recently had multiple staff celebrate work anniversaries with us. One of our direct care, Ms. Conyers, just celebrated TWENTY THREE years at New Hope Carolinas. In her own words she said, “This isn’t a job – it’s my life’s mission.” These are the kinds of staff at New Hope that make all the difference. It’s incredibly unique in this space for folks to have that kind of tenure and I believe that is reflective of something really special at New Hope.

Please note that we have revamped our aftercare survey process and will begin calling every discharged client at 6 months and 12 months to check in on their status. This data will help inform us of any changes/improvements we need to make in our program and will also serve as a way to continue our support of our youth long after they’ve left these four walls.

Hope you all have a wonderful start to your Spring!