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New Hope Happenings

November 8, 2022 New Hope Happenings

November 7th, 2022

Dear Parent/Legal Guardian/Treatment Ally,

Here is what is happening at New Hope!

At New Hope, we believe it is our mission to be more than just a treatment provider. We need to be a part of the broader conversation in our system of care that gives voice to the voiceless and helps expand education around mental health issues and increases access to these resources (regardless of who provides them). It is in that spirit that we partnered with our local chapter of NAMI for their annual walk to reduce the stigma associated with mental health. New Hope was proud to have the LARGEST group of team members represented from any organization that participated. It was a great day, a great event and raised awareness around an important issue.

New Hope is also excited to announce the offical start of a brand new program/initiative called The Bridge. This is a program that will currently be offered as an enhancement for our North Carolina residents. The Bridge Program will employ mental health professionals across North Carolina to work with the parents/family of each youth who is in New Hope’s PRTF. While the youth is receiving treatment in the PRTF, the parent/family will simultaneously be receiving intensive support in their home in preparation for the youth to eventually return home. That same professional, what is being called a Transition Specialist, will then continue to work with the family up to 90 days post-discharge from PRTF. They will serve as the “bridge” between the PRTF and home that is currently missing in our system of care. They will help ensure that the entire family system is making changes during the PRTF process and not just the youth. We couldn’t be more excited for this program!

We continue to focus every day on ensuring that our youth are having an enjoyable experience while they receive their treatment. And staff and kids really got into the Holiday spirit this October! Living in a treatment facility is always difficult, but it’s particularly difficult during holidays. New Hope did everything possible to ensure our kids felt seen, felt special and most of all just had fun. The kids trick or treated in their costumes and I can share firsthand, the large candy bowl outside my office was emptied in about two minutes flat.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the important mission of New Hope!


Matt Simon, LMFT