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New Hope Happenings

December 6, 2022 New Hope Happenings

December 5th, 2022

Dear Parent/Legal Guardian/Treatment Ally,

Here is what is happening at New Hope!

We have been filled with the Holiday spirit at New Hope which has included a huge Halloween party, a big Thanksgiving dinner, and plans underway to make Christmas a special time for every one of our residents. We recognize that these times, while so joyous for families all across the country, are uniquely heavy and challenging for youth in residential treatment centers and their loved ones. We consider it a great responsibility as a treatment provider to ensure that every single youth in our care feels loved and is able to have positive experiences through this Holiday season. To that end, we have allocated $50/youth for Christmas gifts this year. We are already busy wrapping presents and preparing them for Christmas so that every young person in our facility has presents to open on Christmas day!

We were also honored to bring national best-selling author and motivational speaker, Dr. Tommie Mabry to New Hope in November to share his story of resilience and hope to all of our youth.

Tommie’s childhood and adolescence mirrored so many of our youth at New Hope. He had multiple childhood traumas, including being shot and getting involved with peers who were all taking each other down a road that would have led to jail or worse. He was able to overcome these challenges to become an author, an athlete, a PhD level educated man who now travels the country to share his story. There wasn’t a dry eye in the building as we all watched our youth people listen intently to Tommie’s story and ask questions about how they can overcome their circumstances. It was a truly moving experience. The youth loved his story so much that New Hope decided to purchase one of Dr. Mabry’s books for every single resident who was here for his talk. As Dr. Mabry was leaving to go to the airport, he said that coming to New Hope was one of the most profoundly moving experiences he has had in his career.

As we near the close of 2022, I am filled with gratitude for everyone inside and outside of New Hope who has contributed to changing the lives of hundreds of young people this year. What an amazing privilege we get to do this work.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the important mission of New Hope! Have a blessed Holiday!


Matt Simon, LMFT