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New Hope Happenings

February 6, 2023 New Hope Happenings

Dear Parent/Legal Guardian/Treatment Ally,

Here is what is happening at New Hope…

As 2023 is well underway, we are so excited about the life changing work happening at New Hope! We have big plans for our program and our organization this year.

Next month, we will be bringing a renowned speaker, Ricky Johnson to share his story of hope and healing to the youth and staff at New Hope. Ricky is a passionate veteran and activist around raising awareness for mental health issues and suicide prevention. Sadly, Ricky lost his son to suicide. Ricky has also personally experienced childhood trauma like that experienced by many of the young people we serve. Ricky has been able to use these experiences to educate others and inspire others to live their most authentic and honest life, seek treatment when needed, and that it’s okay to talk about trauma. This is a message that will no doubt resonate with our kids and staff alike. We can’t wait to host Ricky in early March!

In looking back at 2022, we had 184 successful graduations from New Hope Carolinas. Wow! That is a staggering amount of young lives changed.

Starting this month, we are instituting a perception of care survey that we will be asking all parents/guardians to complete at some point during their time with us. This brief survey will provide us invaluable feedback about areas of strength and areas of needed improvement at New Hope. Thank you all in advance for your thoughtful feedback! We are constantly looking for ways to improve and adding this mechanism for constant feedback (which will be reviewed monthly).

I wanted to inform everyone that we have been experiencing a spike in COVID cases since the beginning of this year. We continue to enforce mask wearing across the board at the facility and do everything we can to mitigate spread or harm when these spikes happen. Our medical team is top notch and hypervigilant to help make sure our youth and staff are safe and healthy. The good news is none of these positive cases appear to be having significant symptoms at this time so we expect this spike to subside soon without any harm to our residents.

Kind regards,
Matt Simon, LMFT
Chief Operating Officer