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New Hope Happenings – This Week at New Hope

June 2, 2023 Uncategorized

Rock Hill, S.C., June 2, 2023 – It was a busy week at our New Hope Treatment Facility in Rock Hill, S.C. With a couple of announcements and awesome moments, here’s a recap of the last few days.

Monday marked Memorial Day, as the nation honored and remembered all those that served and sacrificed their lives. It was a day in which we honored and remembered all our current and former members of our armed services. At New Hope, we have dozens of team members who are veterans and have served this country bravely.

We also thanked the hundreds of staff that had to work on Memorial Day. The needs of our youth never take a day off. For those who came in and showed up for the kids while so many were off, pizza was purchased for all three shifts.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we wrapped up May by wrapping trees in the community. It was a wonderful trip and day for our students on Tuesday. They tied green ribbons around 25 trees and enjoyed what nature can offer. It was so nice seeing our students out in the community being mature and responsible teenagers.

On Wednesday, it was announced that New Hope supported a good friend and former guest speaker, Kevin Hines. We made a generous contribution to Kevin’s new upcoming film titles “The Net”. “Almost once a week, I find myself personally reflecting on something that Kevin said during his talk to our kids and staff at our facility last year”, said Matt Simon, LMFT and Chief Operating Officer at New Hope. “It resonated that much. I firmly believe he changed some lives that day just through the power of his story. Supporting him to help expand his impact was a no brainer for us.”

Lastly, Thursday we held a staff social outing in Rock Hill. “At New Hope, we do serious life-changing work which makes it all the more important that we break away, have some laughs, and build our community and culture”, said Simon.

A busy week at New Hope and plenty more on the horizon with summer fast approaching.