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New Hope Happenings – Update From Our Executive Director

April 29, 2022 New Hope Happenings

May 2nd, 2022

Dear Parent/Legal Guardian/ Treatment Ally,

Here’s what is happening at New Hope!

Spring is in the air and we are excited! The New Hope team has several upcoming events for our staff and our youth: we will be hosting a neighborhood BBQ for local first responders on June 9th as a thank you for all that they do but also an opportunity for our youth to get exposed to these professionals in a safe and positive setting. We have an outdoor concert conducted a local choir for the youth on June 11th (which will dove-tail into an opportunity for our residents to participate in a New Hope Choir themselves if they choose!) We are also signed up to give back to the community of Rock Hill by painting local houses in the late Summer/early Fall. We will be always looking for creative ways to engage our local community and give our staff/youth positive experiences!

As we move back towards more “normal” operations as COVID rates decline, we have officially re-opened our full-service cafeteria for residents. This will be another opportunity for our youth to develop critical social and life skills.

We are investing significant resources behind re-painting several areas throughout the building and installing new basketball goals, a kickball field and additional outdoor benches for youth to commune around. We are excited to see how these additional resources enhance our youth’s day to day experiences at New Hope!

We have begun a process of celebrating our staff who are showing up every day to care for our youth. This is called New Hope Hero’s. We honor a new Hero every two weeks and let them know how much we appreciate the work they do for our youth. Be on the lookout in social media for these posts.

We are also starting a new process for celebrating our youth who are graduating successfully. We are calling these New Hope Hooray’s! We will be making a BIG deal of every youth who successfully graduates from our program and make sure we are honoring all of their hard work and progress. This will include a full graduation celebration and ability for peers and staff to share what that youth has meant to them. We have had over 20 successful graduations this month alone where youth’s lives have forever been changed!

A reminder that Therapeutic Home Visits (THTs) are back in full effect. As your youth get closer to their graduation date, it is critical that they get exposed back into the community so they can practice their new skills and prepare to return back to the community and succeed. Please reach out to your therapist to schedule your next home-visit with your child.

We continue to have zero positive Covid-19 cases with our residents.

Thank you for your ongoing support and being an extension of the New Hope team!


Matt Simon, LMFT