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New Hope Hero – Mr. Jarrod Severeide

May 9, 2023 Uncategorized

Rock Hill, S.C., May 9, 2023 – Unselfishness, respect, compassion, generosity and sacrifice. All qualities that we aim to possess and maintain daily. Since joining New Hope in 2017, Jarrod Severeide has not only shown all those traits, but exemplifies them masterfully. As New Hope’s Lead Nurse Practitioner, Jarrod has been leading our efforts overseeing all medical clinic needs, the employee health clinic, the new hire health assessment, COVID-19 testing and follow up for those quarantining, ordering medications and X-rays for residents, creating consultations for all specialty needs for residents, and more. While perfecting his responsibilities, Jarrod has been an exceptional role model for staff he has worked with and children that he has treated.

Jarrod treats residents and employees like they are a top priority, no matter how urgent the issue is. He stays on top of everything and shows people that their issue matters to him as much as it matters to them. Jarrod constantly goes above and beyond to make sure each resident’s needs are met, and that nothing goes unaddressed, regardless of the time the issue is reported.

Jarrod is always kind, respectful and helpful. He answers questions thoroughly, is approachable and will always stop in the hallway to answer any health questions he receives with a smile on his face. He has a knack for making everyone feel important and cared for. His energy is positive and rubs off on those around him.

Those around him understand what an asset he is and sum it up perfectly; “Even on his harder days he still demonstrates his positive traits and is an example of what a New Hope hero should be. Jarrod is a true New Hope hero in every sense of the word and is one of the biggest incentives available to children and staff at New Hope. He should be cherished like the diamond he is, and we should always have his back. Jarrod is a prime example of friendliness, kindness, promptness and amazing customer service. We should shine our light on him every opportunity we get.”

We’re proud and honored to shine our light on Jarrod Severeide. Thank you for all that you do and thank you for being a New Hope Hero!