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New Hope Hero – Ms. Erica Rosas

October 14, 2022 Uncategorized

Let’s meet our latest New Hope Hero, Ms. Erica Rosas!

Ms. Rosas works on our Learning Enriched Autism Program (LEAP).  If you are not familiar with LEAP, it is designed for young-men ages 12 to 17 with an Autism diagnosis coupled with maladaptive behaviors requiring specialized services for the youth’s safety and therapeutic growth.  The complexity of the needs of these youth is often vast and challenging, Ms. Rosas is one of our direct-care pillars on LEAP, ensuring the unit is youth focused, safe and therapeutic.  Every day, Ms. Rosas comes to work with a positive attitude and ensures the kids and staff receive the best from her, she engages with the kids in a creative and compassionate way,  while always being therapeutic.  She is a role model of calmness and productivity, specifically in crisis.  Ms. Rosas inquisitive nature leads her to ask questions and challenge the status quo, all in the spirit of making LEAP the best place for the kids she serves.

In order to truly reach youth on our LEAP program, one most have a great deal of patience and understanding, Ms. Rosas is a SUPER HERO who seemingly has endless supplies of both!

We thank you Erica Rosas, for being who you are…a New Hope Hero!