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New Hope Treatment Center Reaches New Milestone

June 22, 2023 Uncategorized

Rock Hill, S.C., June 22, 2023 – New Hope Treatment Centers reached a significant milestone in the facility’s history with the hiring of its 500th employee.

“I am so proud to be leading at New Hope right now”, said Chief Operating Officer, Matt Simon. “It’s an absolute daily privilege. It’s an exciting time in our company history and there is so much to celebrate. I always say that kids are downstream from adults, and in residential settings our residents are downstream from our staff. We are on a mission to have the biggest and best residential team in the country.”

New Hope has been an employer in Rock Hill for more than three decades. The achievement makes New Hope the fourth largest employer in Rock Hill. During the pandemic, many communities saw their businesses crumble. New Hope experienced significant challenges as well, with staffing dropping to almost as low as 300. The facility rallied and recovered stronger than ever, adding roughly 200 new hires and counting since 2020.

Over the past year, the organization has expanded faster than anyone could have ever imagined and has made incredible strides across all areas. But behind every successful company, there are the people who make it all happen. None of the new hires would be possible without an exceptional human resources department dedicated to ensuring the acquisition of talented staff goes smoothly.

“As members of the HR team, we have had the pleasure of getting to know many of the staff on a personal level”, said Director of Human Resources, Nicole McNeil. “We have seen firsthand the hard work, dedication, and relentless determination that everyone has brought to the table day in and day out. Everyone has worked tirelessly to help grow this organization, and we are incredibly proud of the accomplishments. With this growth has come a new set of challenges. With more people comes greater responsibility. We must continue to work together in order to ensure that we maintain the same level of excellence that has brought us this far.”

With New Hope now being one of the largest employers in the city of Rock Hill, it plans to continue to reinvest in the staff and the local community.

“As a mission driven organization, New Hope seeks those who suffer more than minor maladjustment and whose needs are such that others have been unable to help”, said Chief Executive Officer, Eric Baumgartner. “Having a workforce of 500 employees allows us to reach more youth and their families. Due to the quality of work that our team provides, many who experience significant distress have recognized our success with youth. Such success has resulted in higher reimbursement rates, which we have invested in our workforce and facility. In turn, we have seen less turnover, experienced improvement in our already high-quality service delivery and vastly improved our culture.”