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New Hope’s Fall Festival In Full Swing

November 5, 2020 Uncategorized

On Friday October 30th New Hope held our annual Fall Party.  However, things were quite a bit different.  Typically, we decorate a central location and our youth come to the party by program and unit.  This year to ensure safety and social distancing the Recreation Therapy (RT) department took the festival to the kids on their programs.  The RT team decorated and loaded down their carts, put a smile on our faces and demonstrated what recreation therapy is about “making memories while using interventions that that some see as pure fun”.  Youth were asked to sit in their doorway with their mask on while enjoying a game of Halloween bingo.  Along with bingo, the youth also enjoyed pizza, chips, cookies, cupcakes, festive drinks, and were given candy bags.  By the number of thank you’s received, we will say it was a GREAT event and much needed break in the mist of COVID-19.

Awesome and creative job by the Recreation Therapy Department!