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Outdoor Visitation…Importance of Family…Being More

March 31, 2021 Uncategorized

Covid 19 has presented us all with many challenges, at New Hope we are no different.  Providing congregate care during this pandemic has challenged us to be our best in all aspects in what we do: to be more creative, to be more flexible, to be more aware, to be more caring, to be more hardworking, to be more understanding, to demonstrate more patience, to simply be more.  We have asked the kids and families we work with to be more with us and they have responded.

Our therapeutic foundation has always relied on family involvement and over the last year family visitation has been at the mercy of the pandemic .  Our team has had to adapt and use more technology in order for our kids to visit with their loved ones, this filled the void, but not nearly as much as anyone would like.  Vaccination rates have been going up and infection rates are trending down, we are now able to safely open outdoor visitation.  This is huge of for our kids, their loved one and our staff.  We are getting thru these challenging times by being more and working together.