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Partnership with Core Solutions, Inc.

June 20, 2019 Uncategorized

After a long and thorough search for an Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendor, we are proud to share our vendor of choice is Core Solutions, Inc. The nature of our service demanded we find a vendor that could accommodate our unique mix of programs and services designed to treat both non-disabled and intellectually and/or developmentally disabled populations. After vetting nine prospective EHR vendors on the criteria of reputation, company relationships, price, platform flexibility and product features, Core was selected for its ability to meet the needs of New Hope and its community.

“Throughout the process, we struggled to find an EHR vendor that understood and could accommodate our unique mix of services, rather than boxing us into a mold as a hospital or outpatient practice. We are neither of those things, and upon meeting with Ravi Ganesan, President and CEO of Core, and experiencing his hands-on involvement, we saw that Core truly understands our business, both on a federal and granular level, and could genuinely meet our needs.” Eric Baumgartner, our President and CEO


Core Solutions, Inc. (Core) is a trusted electronic health records vendor that uses technology and data to help provider organizations improve whole person care and quality of life for all people touched by the extraordinary challenges of behavioral health and human conditions. We design our EHR solutions based on a combination of real-world challenges and big picture considerations, leveraging the input of statewide implementations and care providers and operating as a partner first and vendor second to our customers. Ultimately, Core’s mission is to provide complex care communities the technology solutions they need to meet the demands of today’s clinical and regulatory environments.

We are pleased to share this exciting news!