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How Are You Serving?

September 18, 2014 News

Summer vacations have come to an end but they leave fond memories of thrilling adventures, a little pampering and hopefully some rest and relaxation. Vacations can be costly so hopefully wherever you went you received great service.

We all expect good customer service when we dine in a restaurant or need assistance from a sales associate with an item we’re interested in purchasing. The service we receive influences our total experience either negatively or positively impacting whether or not we’ll continue to support a particular business.  Disney World is known for providing a magical experience while some big-box stores are more known for long check-out lines and a lack of sales associates.

While we all expect to receive good service, no matter what industry you work in, you too are a provider of service to someone. So who is your customer and what does good customer service look like?  How far will you go to “wow” someone?  All employees at New Hope Treatment Centers recently participated in customer service training provided by KEW Solutions and discussed these questions and more.  We adopted the H.O.P.E. acronym which stands for Helping Others Purposefully with Excellence every day.

Employees learned you must “show up” for work which means more than just physical presence. Nonverbal communication such as a smile, eye contact, and good posture represent a good attitude.  How you show up is a choice you must make each day.  As we serve others, conflict is inevitable so we acknowledge it; show we care by offering to help; and saying those two words, “I’m sorry”, is also beneficial.  Lastly, take action and follow up.  Everyone at New Hope has the same purpose despite different tasks.  Our tasks are what support the purpose and we are defined by how we embrace the opportunity to serve.  We do this every day in the big and small things.  In fact, it’s actually the little things that make a big impact.

So how do you represent you? Remember, you’re always are on stage.