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Employee Awards!

September 27, 2021 Team

Each quarter we like to take a moment and spotlight some employees doing exceptional work.  Here are our 3rd quarter “Above and Beyonders”.  

Employee of the Quarter:  Kanetra Nash is a 3rd shift Team Leader who works on the Starting Pointe program. Mrs. Nash has been working for the company for 8 years. Since this time, Mrs. Nash has been promoted from Residential Counselor, to Secondary Team Leader to her current role. In addition, Mrs. Nash has exemplified good leadership, accountability, communication and documentation. Other keywords/phrases that describe her character include integrity, sound judgement, honesty, dependability, loyalty, selflessness, respect, ethics, trust, leadership, privacy, advocate for patient rights, care and great customer service. Mrs. Nash has a warm smile and demeanor that creates a pleasant atmosphere for co-workers and residents who work with her directly. Mrs. Nash is a likable, dedicated, and hardworking employee. Mrs. Nash is always punctual for work and picks up additional shifts whenever the need arises. Mrs. Nash is a great role model. Her quiet and gentle mannerism provides a therapeutic atmosphere whenever she team leads on 3rd shift. Mrs. Nash goes beyond the call of duty to comply with our company’s policies and to follow the chain of command. It is an honor and pleasure to have Mrs. Nash apart of the New Hope extended family.  Congrats Mrs. Nash and thank you!

Role Model of the Quarter: This award goes Ms. Gwen Spurlock. Ms. Spurlock stepped up in several big ways as a great role model to others; She took a lead role re-starting the quarantine unit, and worked the screening desk or as a 1;1 on Starting Pointe. Ms. Spurlock goes where she is needed and always with a great attitude. TEAM PLAYER defined. Congratulations on a job well done!

Safety Award: This quarter’s safety award goes to Kendra Foster, Residential Counselor on 3rd shift Waypoint 2, who identified a safety risk in a youth’s room and immediately mitigated it. Nice work ensuring safety Ms. Foster!

Educator of the Quarter: Please join us in congratulating Wanda Burris, our Educator of the Quarter! Ms. Burris has worked for the Education Department in several capacities, and she has always brought fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and performance improvement initiatives to each of her roles. Her organizational skills, professionalism, and commitment to New Hope’s mission make her a valued member of our team.

Shining Star: The Customer Service Shining Star Award goes to Sylvia Moore -Russel, team Supervisor on Transformations 2. Ms. Moore -Russel consistently demonstrates exceptional customer service, to the residents she serves, her supervisors and at times total strangers to her, but customers of New Hope. Here are some details of her nomination: “I watched her interact with the grandmother of a new resident. The grandmother was here for a visit during a walk-up event for interviews and she came by our table and we started talking and she told us about her grandson and she started crying. Sylvia immediately put her arm around her and started to console her and assure her that he was in the best place and we would take good care of him. She then walked her up to the porch, got her some water and sat with her for a while until she had recovered. Genuinely, one of the sweetest things that I have seen.”

“Ms. Moore-Russell has always demonstrated how effortless it is for her to care for others, especially our residents.  She is more than willing to go above and beyond for the residents to make sure they have what they need.  She is able to see beyond the obvious with her staff and residents and does what she needs to do to deliver kindness, compassion, and care, as well as holding others accountable.”

“Ms. Moore-Russell keeps me informed, provides updates about the residents and is aware of the status of each resident.  She remains vigilant about understanding the dynamics of her unit.  She is involved and communicates/articulates well.  She is able to provide clinical insight and is a team player.  Despite obstacles in her path, she has continued to carry out her responsibilities in order to provide the best care possible to the residents.”

Congrats to all our employees of the Quarter!  Keep up the great work in supporting our Mission and Values.  New Hope…Our Name…Our Promise