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New Hope Adds New Leadership Team Members

August 16, 2023 New Hope Happenings

Rock Hill, S.C., August 16, 2023 – New Hope Treatment Centers, Inc. is pleased to announce the hirings of Malisa Shuler and Krystal Long.

Malisa S. Shuler, PsyD, received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, her master’s degree in forensic psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology-DC, and her Doctor of Psychology in Behavioral Health Leadership from Walden University.

Prior to joining the team at New Hope, Dr. Shuler has almost a decade of experience working with children and families in behavioral and mental health services in the non-profit sector. She has served in roles that include Behavioral Health Counselor, Lead Behavioral Health Counselor, Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility Supervisor, and Quality Improvement Specialist. By working in these various roles, Dr. Shuler’s passion for ensuring all youth have the space and opportunity to experience a happy, healthy, and safe place to thrive was ignited. Dr. Shuler has dedicated her career to serving at-risk youth and their families and ensuring they have access to quality programs and services to overcome their unique challenges.

“What motivated me to join New Hope was the opportunity to actively be a part of the solution and make an actual difference,” said Dr. Shuler. “Often times in this field you hear the clichés that we are here to make a difference, but in this role, I have an actual opportunity to address a real problem and do some awesome things in the process. I’ve been doing this work for some time now and I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing those small incremental changes in a child and knowing you had a hand in that success. It is my expectation that we can make a lasting and positive impact on the lives of the youth we serve. Even if we don’t see the outcome, we have indeed given them New Hope for their future.”

Ms. Krystal Long is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, Certified Clinical Supervisor, and a National Certified Counselor. Krystal is a Charlotte native, however, is not foreign to traveling across the world. She has utilized the time in her career to explore various avenues of mental health, substance use, and criminal justice to pursue her passion in helping individuals achieve independence, security, and recovery.

Prior to joining New Hope Treatment Center, Krystal served roles as a Clinical Program Manager in community-based programming to develop and revise program operations, provide clinical supervision to staff, setting expectations and assuring adherence to policies and confidentiality. She also supported individuals with mental health and/or substance abuse disorders in residential, school, workplace, and community settings to coordinate and monitor the array of services identified through assessment recommendations. She has also been paramount in shaping and forming recovery programs, inclusive of residential, outpatient, and criminal justice re-entry. By trade, Krystal has been an instrument to providing individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy for over 10 years. Krystal continues to lead with a person-centered approach, putting the individuals/families we serve first and empowering them to reach their goals. Krystal is devoted to being an effective leader and maintaining a strong, cohesive team.

“Joining the New Hope family was surely a thrilling opportunity for me to be a part of a great team,” said Long. “Being in conjunction with New Hope’s history to continue developing the Bridge Program, expanding my scope in working to reunify families, and an ongoing change agent in this field was something I couldn’t pass up. I am looking forward to amplifying the Bridge Program to reach as many families in North Carolina and potentially other states, in addition to growing as a leader for the team. I want to bring my passion and drive for working in the profession to this role. I am overwhelmed with enthusiasm to be working with the Bridge Program and collaborating with other teams within New Hope.”