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New Hope Set to Launch Podcast

July 25, 2023 New Hope Happenings

Rock Hill, S.C., July 25, 2023 – New Hope Treatment Centers will be telling its story and the story of others through a new platform for the company with the launching of its podcast, “Stuff that Matters”.

With the first episode set to release on August 1, Stuff that Matters is meant to raise awareness and spotlight issues that impact kids and families. Through a conversational approach, it’s designed to be solution oriented, engaging and entertaining.

The podcast will be hosted by New Hope’s Chief Operating Officer, Matt Simon, New Hope’s Director of Business Development, Mike O’Connor and Communications Coordinator, Patrick Puzzo. Episodes will be released weekly and can be listened to on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or watched on YouTube.

“We are intentionally inviting guests from all walks of life with various backgrounds and stories to share, from nationally recognized subject matter experts to former consumers and families,” said O’Connor. “We hope you will check it out and it provides you with perspective, awareness, ideas and possibly some motivation around issues facing our most vulnerable families.”

Primarily long-form, occasionally short-form, free flowing interviews. The focus is not only on the guests themselves but also the issue they represent. Ranging from mental health, childcare, substance abuse, healthcare and various hard-hitting topics.

“This is all about elevating voices, spotlighting incredible people in and around this space, and diving into complex and controversial topics with curiosity, an open mind and humor,” said Simon. “Basically, this is all about, as you may have guessed…stuff that matters.”



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