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New Hope Treatment Centers Announces Major Renovation and Program Expansion

October 23, 2023 New Hope Happenings

Rock Hill, S.C., October 23, 2023 – New Hope Treatment Centers is eager and enthusiastic to announce a much-anticipated and long-awaited renovation and expansion of its facility in Rock Hill.

The project represents a nearly $1 million dollar investment in a full-scale LEAP upgrade. The corner of the building that is currently New Choices/LEAP will be transformed into one 20-bed community for males on the autism spectrum.

The need for this service is greater than ever and New Hope is stepping in and stepping up to meet it. The existing residents on New Choices will be transitioned out by November 25 and with an anticipated breaking of ground on the renovations to be around December 1. This remodeling will not impact the current 10 residents on LEAP. The project will be completed in phases, so that their treatment is not interrupted. The doors will officially open for the 20 total youth in March 2024.

“We have seen the growing need for this service and decided to do something about it,” said COO Matt Simon, Matt Simon, MA, LMFT, NADD-CC. “The waitlist for this program is simply unacceptable to us. We will be breaking ground on December 1st and after a three-month and nearly one-million-dollar renovation and remodel, we will be set to relaunch in early 2024. It’s going to be awesome.”

The three-month process will feature a brand-new shower and bathroom area, new floors, new furniture, new ceiling structures in the hallway and removal of the walls that currently separate the two communities and opening that space including the dayroom. Additional renovations will be two classrooms, therapist offices and a staff breakroom in the community.

“I am so pumped for this,” said Simon. “We can’t wait for everyone to see it and most of all, I can’t wait for the families that have been waiting desperately for hope, to finally receive it. We know that this corner of the building has needed some love for some time, and I am confident when we are done with it, it’s going to look brand new.”