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Spring is Coming (We Hope) and Conference Season Has Begun

March 18, 2014 News

New Hope Treatment Centers has been a national provider of behavioral healthcare services for adolescents since 1987. Since our beginning, New Hope has been a mainstay on the local and national conference circuit, and this year is no exception.

We are proud partners with the following organizations:

All of these great organizations are hosting spring conferences and other events that we are pleased to be a part of. Participating in these events has proven to be a great way to understand what our stakeholders expect, learn more about what diverse populations need and develop strategic partnerships. Offering seven distinct programs serving youth ages 12 to 21, New Hope has become a valued provider to many different organizations and most importantly to youth and their families. We are looking forward to this coming spring and the weather it brings, but equally excited to nurture partnerships for those in need.