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Stuff that Matters, Episode 4 – Kiara Grace Nalle

August 22, 2023 New Hope Happenings

On this episode of Stuff that Matters, we’re joined by former New Hope resident, Kiara Grace Nalle. Kiara is the epitome of a success story, having entered New Hope as a last resort during her mental health journey and battles she faced. She not only won those battles but has become an inspiration for many that were in her shoes. Kiara has been gracious enough to return to New Hope twice to speak with the youth, and like she has done to a live audience, she did on this podcast, sharing her story of hope, resilience, struggle, and constant determination. We cover what led to her entering New Hope, the challenges she faced, the relationship with her mother, and what life is like for her now, as she’s getting ready to celebrate 12 years removed from mental health treatment facilities, and, as she puts it, 15 years of being alive. As always, we finish with Kiara’s stuff that really matters.

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